I’m still here

Hello everyone,

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted. I have a tendency to start creative projects and not finish them but I am determined to keep up with this blog and my quilting.

Amelia’s baby quilt has been shipped off to Mama and I am just waiting to hear when she receives and if she likes it :D.

Currently working on the “Love Notes Quilt” still but I’ve gotten most of the rows assembled. All that’s left is piecing the rows, borders, quilting and binding. While I was piecing the rows I realized that the size is a lot smaller than I thought. It’s actually only wall hanging dimensions and so I think instead of keeping this one I will give it to my mom as a Valentine’s gift. Growing up (and even as an adult) she always gets me something for Valentine’s Day so I thought I would give her this project so she has a cute decoration to put up every year. Plus I know she secretly wants me to make her something so this would be a great surprise. I’m glad I’ve found a creative hobby where I don’t want to keep everything I make. I am a bit of a pack rat as it is so I really don’t need to add all these quilts to my mountain of stuff. I used to paint with acrylics but I gave it up because 1. I really wasn’t that talented not enough to sell any at least 2. It just took up too much space 3. moving all those canvases and paints and brushes everytime I moved was becoming more than cumbersome. With quilting as my new hobby the only thing I have a lot of is fabric and I’ve already told myself I am not buying anymore this year until I use at least half. Then everytime I make something I think of someone I can give it to with painting I wanted everything for myself since it was so personal (I did a lot of self portraits).

On the left are all the half square triangles for the blocks! I was very happy with I was finished sewing and ironing them all. Quick tip: For this pattern it calls for you to iron all of the HSTs to the dark side. However I found that I ended up having to iron one per block the opposite way in order to get the needs to nest really well. Let me explain a little more. For one block you need 3 HSTs of one color (Color 1) and one HST of another (Color 2) to create the envelope look. The top of the block nests great when you iron both color 1 and color 2 to the dark sides. The bottom part however nests better if you iron one HST of color 1 to the light side. I didn’t do this when ironing all these out and found I had to do while assembling the blocks. IF you’re great at getting seams to line up without nesting then this will not be an issue for you. I wanted my blocks to be as perfectly lined as possible so that’s why I went through all the trouble.

The right image is half of the rows assembled. I didn’t follow the pattern on how to assemble my blocks or rows. I sort of made my own alternating pattern based on what colors and patterns I liked together.

Still aiming to finish this project by the end of the month and I think that is a pretty realistic goal considering how far I’ve come. Precuts definitely helped to cut the time on this one!

How are your 2017 projects coming along so far?


one project ends another begins

My first week of 2017 has proven to be very productive. I am currently only working part time hours so I am taking advantage of my free time by getting a jump on the projects I have outlined for myself.

I finished the FMQ and binding on a crib size quilt that I had started in November. This quilt was commissioned for my baby cousin Amelia. Her mom wanted pink and grey and left everything else up to me. So I took to Pinterest and created a board to find a pattern I could confidently put together.

At this point I am mostly working on executing the basics in a precise way. I tend to not be a detailed oriented person, small mistakes don’t bother me too much. But I’ve noticed that my quilts are not at the level I want them to be at because I am not taking my time to be precise and to square up blocks. So with my upcoming projects I am not focusing on complex patterns I am practicing piecing, cutting and lining up seems…… Anyways back to the baby quilt! I found this great pattern from See Kate Sew . It only took me a few weeks to cut the fabric and piece together the top. What always takes me the longest is the actual quilting. I have a Bablylock BL9 which I love so much but it is a bit small so quilting can take a while. I got the binding cut and complete in the manner of a couple of hours.


Here is the quilt with only one line of quilting done.


All quilted and ready for the binding. You can see the three different types of free motion quilting designs I did. As you can see straight lines and consistency definitely need to be worked on. However I also really like the organic look of the free hand imperfect stlye. Especially on a baby blanket I think it adds a little character and whimsy.


I wish I had a cute backyard to take pictures of my stuff but for now this will have to do. Here it is all complete with binding and all. And I am pretty sure I clipped all the thread but I really gotta work on clipping as I go 😀  All in all I am really proud of this quilt not only did it only take me less than two months to complete (considering I was out of town for a week and dealt with thanksgiving and Christmas too) but my points line up very well and there is very little bunching of fabric on the back.

I was feeling so enthused about the completed baby quilt I wanted to jump right in to my next project. Number 1 on Project Ideas for 2017 is the “Love Notes” Kit I got for Christmas. IMG_20170103_141301_352.jpg

I’ve already got all the 1/2 square triangles cut and have pieced together the first row. I think I’ve fallen in love with precuts which might be dangerous for my bank account. It was so wonderful not having to cut all those 5 inch squares before making the HSTs. The colors are so beautiful and vivid can’t wait till its all done and I get snuggle up with it!

I’m going to try to take pictures of my progress at least twice every sewing session to share on here. I also bought a cute little notebook today to put quilt info/designs/ideas now I just have to find my colored pens from college.

How is everyone else’s first week going? Did anyone else start or finish a project already?



Project Ideas for 2017

I am actually a little surprised how many encouraging words I received after my first post. You ladies have inspired me to keep strong with this blog. Since I am currently finishing up a project (just needs the binding and quilt label) I thought I would get a head start on planning out my year.

So here is my 2017 Quilt Project list. Ones that must be done this year will have an *, all others are low priority.

  1. “Love Notes” Quilt- For Christmas I got this quilt kit from Missouri Star Quilt Company and I am excited to say that this will be the first quilt that I am making for myself. When I first became interested in sewing and quilting the MSQC tutorials on youtube taught me so much about quilting. I would watch Jenny’s videos for hours and click onto other channels and from there I knew this was a hobby that I wanted to pursue. I chose the love notes quilt because of all the pinks and reds and the simplicity of the blocks. I want to use this quilt as a practice canvas for my Free Motion Quilting. And since it’s for me I wont worry about mistakes. I would like to have this quilt done by Valentine’s day so I can lay it our for the holiday but realistically it probably won’t be finished till around the end of March. Which is when my birthday it still works out, ha!                                                                                             Here is a link to the kit https://www.missouriquiltco.com/shop/detail/66354/msqc/msqc/msqc-love-notes-kit
  2. “Nana’s Birds”**- This quilt is for my grandma. She asked me to make her a quilt and when I was in town visiting her for Thanksgiving we went to Walmart together to pick out the fabrics. This quilt is important to me because when I was a little kid my mother and I lived with my Nana and she helped take care of me. My mom and I moved from Louisiana to California over 15 years ago and ever since I have only been able to visit my Nana once or twice a year if I am really lucky. This quilt will be a “Starburst” pattern (Yes I did get the inspiration from MSQC, I told you I learned everything I know from them), and will have blue and green fabrics and one with some songbords because my grandma loves nature and animals. Nana’s birthday is in April so I would like to have this quilt completed by then. January I want all the fabric cut and ready to go. February the top with get pieced. March will be spent quilting since I have a small machine it takes time to do FMQ on a large project. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-grDlGdebQI&t=27s
  3. Nick’s Quilt*- Two years ago my parents adopted my stepdad’s 10 year old cousin due to some family issues. My mom commissioned me to make him a quilt just as a way of making him feel more like a part of our family. So far all I have is that he LOVES red. I am completely stuck on what pattern to use. He likes to play video games, minceraft is especially a favorite so I thought of doing a red minecraft sword. But he is turning 12 in a month and I want to make him something he won’t think is lame when he’s a moody teenager. So I was thinking just keep a simple geometric pattern and use different shades and patterns of red. This quilt is still in the idea stage and since his birthday is literally in a few weeks I am thinking I will make this my long term project for Christmas. By June I want to have a pattern chosen and by Septemeber I should have fabric bought and cut. This is the sword pattern I was looking at https://www.pinterest.com/pin/3588874682993380/
  4. Memory Quilt for Dan – My boyfriend, Dan, lost his friend 3 years ago in a tragic death. I want to make Dan a memory quilt from some shirts if his friend’s that I saved. This will be a huge project as my boyfriend is over 6 feet tall and requites a lot of fabric for a big quilt he can wrap up in. For this I am thinking of doing  Missouri Star blocks with the different shirts and keeping a neutral background fabric. I know the binding will be orange already since that was his friend’s favorite color.

I think for now I will keep my list short at 4 total quilts for the year. This gives me roughly 3 months per project which is doable as I already have all the fabric and pattern for 2 of them.

What are some top projects on your lists for the new year?


Hello, my name is Rachael and I am novice quilter looking to push myself to complete more projects in the new year. I thought a blog would be a good idea because then I would have an outlet to share my ideas and frustrations. As well I would like to make a few friends in the process.

I have been sewing/quilting since Fall 2014 and I have fallen madly in love with it. In the last two years I have improved a lot but still have far to go when it comes to improvement. I will be posting more images with descriptions the first month of 2017 and I hope to complete at least 3 new quilts this year. I would also like to work on my Free Motion Quilting, it is still pretty inconsistent in stitching size and a lot of my lines are not very straight. My boyfriend got me a new sewing table for Christmas though so I think this will help a lot.